Jun. 4th, 2010

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I originally posted this on June 4, 2009. Back then everyone was talking about it, because it was a major anniversary. Since this year is not a major anniversary, I think its even more important to talk about it, so I'm posting it again, updated for the passing time. It's not behind a cut on purpose.

Twenty one years ago, some young people decided that they were tired of being ignored, and let their authorities know that the status quo of corruption, oppression, and indifference to such within the halls of power were no longer acceptable.  They did so within the laws of their land.  They did so according to the traditions of their culture.  And they did so without violence.

Those young people uncovered deep splits within those halls of power, and forced their rulers to take sides for and against drastic, momentous reform.  The conservatives won this political war of words through careful use of deception, manipulation, and outright dirty tricks.  But they then were free to turn their attentions to the young people, who were still exercising the rights of speech guaranteed by their land's constitution.  The young people had revealed the truth, that none of what they had been taught about the lessons of the previous generation were true, that everything old remained old, and that everything new would be swept away.  They uncovered this truth, and for it they would be punished.  And they were.  And continue to be.  And it will remain thus, until the last of them, and those in authority at that time, have vanished from the earth.

There are new young people there, now.  They know nothing of what has come before.  They care nothing for it either, the rulers saw to that; young people now are distracted and diverted with the material, the financial - success for the sake of success.  And the rulers have grown more careful; less divided, more efficient, more ruthless to those that would undermine them and their power, including the corrupt.  Above all, they have taken to heart that axiom of old, those which control the present control the past, those which control the past, control the future.  And so the young people know nothing, and care nothing, for the scars of their parents.

They cannot read this, most of them, for access to such media is denied to all but the most resourceful.  Despite this, my message remains the same, for some of them do know how to find it, and may repeat it and therefore remove a thin layer of the blanket of ignorance that smothers all great people in time.



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