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I applied for a job, a somewhat important job.

this )

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So while I wait for my miracle re: Sleeping in Orlando, I've decided the best strategy is planning ahead Even Further.  Therefore:

I am definitely going to FC 2010.  Just putting that out there....

Rooms sold out before I even made my decision lol. No FC for me.
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I was going to make a post about how expecting Obama to solve every social problem before he deals with the really big stuff that affects all 300,000,000 of us (healthcare, economy, wars etc.) is not realistic.  Then I was going to make it into a voice post, because I 've never done that before, and I didn't want to have to type out all the stuff I wanted to say.  However, to do this, I needed to connect my camcorder to my computer (I don't have a microphone for my computer).  Well, for the sound this worked fine, but then I wanted to see about video.  Sony sucks, and their drivers would not work on my XP machine lol.  I got so sidetrakced by this that I lost the burning desire to explain domestic policy on live journal.  So you get this instead. ^_^
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I work in a medical practice.  We changed our hours to have Mondays off, and were closed on Saturday unexpectedly, so I had a surprise three day weekend this week.  So what did I do today?  

I went to work.

I know I know, it's totally uncool or whatever kids are saying these days, but I was sitting around in my house and I just felt like I was wasting time.  And I didn't feel like going to the gym (June Operation continues to be epic fail), so I went to work.  I did accounting stuff.  It was great, I was so productive, I solved problems I've been dealing with for weeks now.  I might do this every week...work on Monday, and take Saturday off.  I'm useless on Saturday anyway, I can't do anything because everyone but us (so all the insurance companies, vendors, etc.) are closed.  Tomorrow is the hard part, teaching the bookkeeper all the new stuff I set up. 

And my dryer is broken, so my plan on doing laundry tonight is a bust.  Ironing and cologne ftw -_-;;
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So California is in fiscal trouble AGAIN because of some archaic 1970's law that prohibits them from raising property taxes on held property.  So people that bought a giant mansion in 1972 are paying the same tax on it now as they were then, while someone that bought the 1 story bungalow next door three years ago is probably paying more than the mansion owner.  And no one wants to raise the taxes.  And everyone wants to keep all their services.  So the government is threatening to drop all kinds of social services like hospitals, police, fire, prisons, etc.

I think none of this will matter.  No one is going to link something like increased crime to a budget shortfall, because the vast majority of voters will not see any more crime.  There will be all kinds of terrible stories about people dying because the open hospital was too far away, neighborhoods that are under attack from teenagers run amok without police to crack down on them, wildfires that burn dozens of homes because fire departments didn't have resources to combat the flames.  And none of it will matter, because it doesn't affect enough people with enough visibility or enough obvious connection to the budget.  I think California is going to have to come up with some....creative alternatives for service cuts.  

They should close LAX for a day.

At first I thought they should close the freeways, but that might cause trouble for emergency services, and we don't want anyone to die to prove a political point.  But closing an airport?  That will save the state money in operations, can be Directly and Openly linked to the budget crisis, and will affect many many people (thousands of rich, even super rich people), with incredibly high visibility (forget national news, this would be an event with global impact).  And it won't cost anyone their lives.  Maximum chaos with minimum mortality!  Rich republicans that have missed their cruises, small business owners that have lost contracts, international CEO's that can't get to the big Hollywood gala.... people will riot for higher taxes, to prevent such a thing from ever happening again.

Of course, this won't happen.  But if it did, it would work.

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Since you guys were oh so helpful in helping me narrow down my choices for July trips, I just decided, ya know, screw it, I can't just sit on these air miles like Ebenezer Scrooge, this is what I've been saving them for.  So I'm going to do everything ^^.  Got my flights sorted out yesterday.  This is how it works out:

Leave for Shanghai on July 19th via SFO, see the eclipse on the 22nd, come back on the 23rd, fly directly to Orlando from SFO, stay *edit* somewhere *end edit*  until the 27th, then fly to Chicago to get my car and drive to Oshkosh where I'll see cool things that fly (or flew) until the 2nd, then drive home and go (Sigh) back to work.

Except for gasoline, transportation is all free (miles) or super cheap (China).  China hotel will be less than $30 total for three nights.  I'm staying at [profile] jet_der_hund 's place in WI so that will be low cost as well.  *edit begin* Then there's florida.... I've got a lot of time before the 19th of July when all this starts, so I'm sure I will be able to work something out before then.  Usually I would go into emergency logistics mode and jump all over this problem.  But this week I found out that for the rest of the summer, I'm going to be doing [livejournal.com profile] jdpuppy at-work-in-real-life impersonations at my office, and by the time I get home all my logic circuits are burned out.

So I leave it again, to you, Dear Reader!  Especially the ones that have had to do this before.... what are the secrets of finding a room in which you do not feel obligated to attach high-cost security devices to your bags, or leave them wrapped in liquid-proof plastic, or both? 

On the other hand, you can also tell funny stories about your worst random hotel roommate experience! So really you don't have a choice, you have to repond to one of these....

*edit end*

*new edit* just so no one thinks I'm gonna be sleeping in the lobby or something, a "backup backup if-all-else-fails and the world is going to end" plan does exist

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Anyone that went to Elliot's and thought their hotel bill should have been $45/night and not $60/night.

Find your confirmation email and print it out.  Call the Radisson at 407-396-1400 and ask for accounting.  Tell them you made the reservation at $45/night, and fax them your confirmation page.  They will refund the money (around 50 due to taxes) back onto the card of the person that paid. 

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Twenty years ago, some young people decided that they were tired of being ignored, and let their authorities know that the status quo of corruption, oppression, and indifference to such within the halls of power were no longer acceptable.  They did so within the laws of their land.  They did so according to the traditions of their culture.  And they did so without violence.

Those young people uncovered deep splits within those halls of power, and forced their rulers to take sides for and against drastic, momentous reform.  The conservatives won this political war of words through careful use of deception, manipulation, and outright dirty tricks.  But they then were free to turn their attentions to the young people, who were still exercising the rights of speech guaranteed by their land's constitution.  The young people had revealed the truth, that none of what they had been taught about the lessons of the previous generation were true, that everything old remained old, and that everything new would be swept away.  They uncovered this truth, and for it they would be punished.  And they were.  And continue to be.  And it will remain thus, until the last of them, and those in authority at that time, have vanished from the earth.

There are new young people there, now.  They know nothing of what has come before.  They care nothing for it either, the rulers saw to that; young people now are distracted and diverted with the material, the financial - success for the sake of success.  And the rulers have grown more careful; less divided, more efficient, more ruthless to those that would undermine them and their power, including the corrupt.  Above all, they have taken to heart that axiom of old, those which control the present control the past, those which control the past, control the future.  And so the young people know nothing, and care nothing, for the scars of their parents.

They cannot read this, most of them, for access to such media is denied to all but the most resourceful.  Despite this, my message remains the same, for some of them do know how to find it, and may repeat it and therefore remove a thin thin layer of the blanket of ignorance that smothers all great people in time.


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This was originally a reply to a post by [livejournal.com profile] nbowa , but I was so happy with it, I put it here, too.

I know a guy that engineers for caltrans (he's building the new bay bridge). They had to work for minimum wage a few years ago, with IOU's for the missed pay...

I'm betting if California went bankrupt, all the bonds would default, therefore all discretionary funding would stop, meaning that all civil engineering projects would stop, all school programs outside the core school day would stop (including the anti-gang programs), most state employees would be at least furloughed if not laid off. All remaining funds would be used to pay police/fire/other emergency types.

Since Ah-nahld raised the possibility, they would be forced to sell assets, in this case meaning the state monuments, parks, zoos, tollways, bridges(!) etc.

In effect, California would become a much more commercial, much more dangerous, much poorer, but much more expensive place. For a very long time, as they would be unable to borrow at sub-astronomical interest rates for years, possibly more than a decade.

Oh, and kiss green power in California goodbye.

Now you answer your questions ^_^ the Fed may step in, if the needed amount is less than a couple hundred billion dollars. To say nothing of the fact that the Speaker of the House is from SF, so that will help the "Save California First" effort. But it would be in the position of buying California bonds, not just giving them money. But I would expect a lot of carnage in the pensions/retirement/benefit realms.

Pretty much, take your run of the mill giant airline bankruptcy and cross it with Chrysler, and add a hedge fund collapse, and you've got a California bankruptcy.

OH! I FORGOT! I'm willing to bet that there are hundreds of billions of dollars worth of credit default swaps on these shaky-for-years bonds California has been selling...everything since Enron, really. And who'll be on the hook for those? AIG.......
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This last weekend I had two days off from work in a row, which never happens (but is going to happen a lot more starting in June), so I drove out on Saturday to visit [livejournal.com profile] nbowa  and [livejournal.com profile] tzup  in the cornfields.  Turns out there was a regular party going on out there, involving [profile] jet_der_hund , [profile] omega_louie , and [profile] raver_rabbit at first, then adding [profile] crims0n_w0lf  and Clover and their son, The Terminator later on.  Much fun (And much much much food) was had by all, although Crimson and Clover and their son went home around 2 (I think).  Sunday, after walking one dog and two idiots with Tzup, and saying goodbye to Folf, we all went out to the Amana gorging houses for 2 lunches disguised as one.  The rest of the afternoon was spent lazily digesting . =P

It was good meeting all those new people!  I should drive out there more often...
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I got home from work today, and this little guy was waiting for me directly in the center of my front steps:

I guess someone left him behind on their way across my porch.  Can't be more than a couple days old, so I picked him up by the back of the neck and put him in the spot you see in the picture, way off to the side (and out of my mother's way).  Still out of the rain, so there won't be any problems there...

Unfortunately, my neighborhood has cats, foxes, owls, and every other level of nighttime predators... good luck little guy!

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For the last week I have been in a place called Terrible Suffering, recovering from my tonsillectomy.  But, now that's all over.  My mouth no longer wants to starve me to death as revenge for letting someone root around in there with a knife; all is well! And as a bonus thrown into the bargain? 

I no longer snore.  At all.

Ah, you're back, how was the planetary celebration? :D  Really, though, this is a great thing, that I don't snore, and not just because of the anti-noise ordinance in my neighborhood; it means I'm spending the night asleep, instead of hacking and gasping and choking for air like I used to.....

A lot more about this.... )

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On Thursday I'll be getting surgery to remove my tonsils and adenoids.  While it sounds like some routine childhood procedure, trust me, it's not.  Usually, they send you home the same day.  I'm being kept overnight.  The reason being, they are concerned that my brain, so used to sleeping at low O2 levels because of my terrible sleep apnea, will not ask my lungs for more after the surgery. 

I guess not remembering how to breathe properly is sufficiently worrying to lead to a night's stay.

Also, there's a chance that I've had some kind of cardiac problem again, due to the apnea.  They can watch me for that too.

more as it develops...
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I finally had a sleep study last night.  Not a fun experience.  If I have to get a cpap machine it will drive me insane.  I require access to my face at all times.  Now I just have to wait for my ent doc to actually diagnose me with sleep apnea so I can get my tonsils removed, so I can know if there is anything esle wrong with me, and complete my cpap doom.  

In the meantime, I've got a look at what my sleep looks like on eeg, ekg, and every other g they could use on me.  I owe some people some drinks for what I've put them through.   Therefore:


It's the least I can do, (the very freaking least, I know) but its something.  

I'll throw in an official, in-person apology to anyone that asks as well.



Mar. 25th, 2009 12:04 am
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Went to ATL last weekend.  Had a pretty good time, met some cool people, saw some cool people I already knew.  Lost in poker (what else is new haha), but I got to see a straight flush and several ridiculous rivers.  Kind of a sketchy area tho....

All in all it was good.  Maybe I'll make a habit of this.
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The wedding, the real reason I came to Sydney, was yesterday.  The ceremony was very nice, if a little interesting: Australian priests are much more, well, humorous than Americans.  Included in the service were lines about the thousands of girls the groom had to disappoint, and the fact that even people overseas were chasing the bride.  The reception was in a beautiful location, almost right under the famous Harbour Bridge.  The bride's family (I'm friends with the bride) is half Chinese/Irish and the groom is all Irish, but of course everyone's Australian now.  The point is, there was freely flowing large qualities of alcohol at all times.  I had to really pace myself, or I'd have been out of the picture by 3PM.  As it was, everyone began drinking at around 11AM, and between the reception, the after reception meet-up at the Park Hyatt, pre-club drinking in my friend Mike's hotel room, and the club itself, I didn't get done until 1AM. 

Then many unpleasant things occurred including:

Helping the maid of honor get a cab for one block because she wore the same one day old heels all day long.
Losing the key to my locker at the hostel, requiring a broken lock and more money spent ;_;
Being nearly afraid to sleep because of his damn cold and not wanting to go through the not breathing thing.
Crushing my eyeglasses by putting them in a really freaking stupid place.
And everyone's favorite, the reversal of fortune.

Today is the St. Patrick's Day Parade here.  It's also a great looking day for visiting Koala bears at the preserve and then going to north Bondi beach to visit the beautiful people in their preserve.  What will I be doing? Looking for an eyeglases reair shop -_-;;

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Saw Watchmen, I'll probably go see it again just for the A-Ma-Zing opening credits.  Tried to go to the aquarium, but the monorail runs in the wrong (right+long) direction....will try again tomorrow.  Shopping? but I don't really have much of a shopping budget for this trip ^^;;  I see it's daylight saving time now at home, lucky for me, I lose that hour when I fly back.

Hmmm...still raining....what do you guys like to do on rainy days?
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I'm escaping.  To Australia.  For two weeks.  Two weeks of summer. 

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Went to Wisconsin for the funeral of a good person who I wish I had known better than I did.  I mostly went to support my unofficial big bro, bt I ended up joining him in mourning.  The service was a catholic-style service (mass without the communion essentially) followed by a service with full military honors.  It was beautiful.  After the service was a full dinner given by the family to the attendees.  I've never seen anyone sent off in such grand fashion, but hearing the stories over the last weeks and at the service about how good a person he was, I can't help but know he deserved it. 

Went to [livejournal.com profile] tozier_wah  and [livejournal.com profile] little_wolf 's afterwards for what can best be described as a Irish Wake.  I stayed over, slept on an air mattress for the first (and last) time... whatever problems I usually have with snoring were magnified by many factors on that evil thing.  But on the upside, I got to hang out with friends and make some new ones! So to everyone that was there, it was good to see/meet you.  And  to [livejournal.com profile] woodychitwn [livejournal.com profile] nbowa  [livejournal.com profile] darkphox [livejournal.com profile] tzup [livejournal.com profile] snow_kitty [livejournal.com profile] jet_der_hund [livejournal.com profile] lighthawkdragon and anyone else I gave hallucinations of having transformed into a moose, my apologies ^_^;;

As for that, it ended rather badly.  On my way back from Wisconsin my old enemy the instant-sleep returned.  During one of these, I ran up onto one of the concrete dividers on the Tri-State Tollway and blew out my front left tire.  This had almost happened upwards of 20 times until it finally did... I guess my shield is weak against multiple attacks.  I'm lucky the car wasn't hurt any more than that....especially when I accidentally drove to the right...where I found No Shoulder.  Road work had taken it out.  I had to sit on the side of the road, less than two feet away from Giant Trucks screaming by at 90 mph O_O;;;;  The state police sent this huge yellow Help Truck to change my tire to the spare, and away I went to help my mother (and boss....sigh) move her stuff from one office to another.  Got help from my friend Tom; this was a lifesaver, since I was waaaaaay too tired to drive and there was a surprise blizzard in Chicago.  I'm so glad I'm going to Australia on Wednesday. ^_^

If anyone is looking for Office Type Furniture we are going to have an indoor garage sale to get rid of some of the stuff we have.  We moved from three offices to two, so 1/3 of our stuff (desks, chairs, file cabinets etc.) are now extra.... come buy our stuff!!! ^_^

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This week, I got a good offer with no tricks (I'm good at finding things in small print) for that bane of the last three years, the pre-qualified credit card.  Me, with my somewhat wonky credit.

This means the 'crisis' part of the credit crisis is, effectively, over.

Which means my fear of a GM chapter 7 liquidation quickly following any chapter 11 declaration is also over.  As the way of things returns to normal, so too should the way of business.  When viability day hits mid-week, if GM doesn't have a plan for normal return to profitability, they should be forced into bankruptcy protection, just as they would have been in any year but last year.

Giving them more time/money would be a mistake on two fronts.  It would ruin whatever credibility President Obama got out of his 'round the nation stimulus tour.  And it would be a genuine waste of money.  I'm all for the continuation of the American automobile manufacturing industry, but this is a chance for that to happen with attendant increase in competitiveness that a regular chap 11 brings. 


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