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This isn't in a cut, because I want everyone to read it, and it's work safe anyway. Just long.

So this is what went down Saturday night. All the names are people I know in Beijing. So Mike calls everyone, and invited us over to his Incredibly Swank Apartment for homemade Mexican food. Sounds like a plan, so me, Chris, the Australian girls, Nick, Sean, Nate, and of course Mike and his roommate all gather at his place and eat delicious Mexican food that he's made from provisions found at Carrefour. Also, there is tequila, sangria, vanilla vodka, and loads of corona to accompany the food. Good times are had by all, and we figure out that, in fact, eight people can fit on Mike's giant bed without discomfort. Then the girls say that they want to go to Mix. Mix = teh devil. It's a giant club with 3 rooms, 2 hip-hop and 1 techno. I hate it. I'd been twice before and never had a good time. The place is probably owned by triad and the staff is accordingly abrasive. There are too many people all the time, the drinks are too expensive and the music they play sucks. I say all this. Chris backs me up. "But we are meeting people there and besides, it can't be all that bad," say the girls. Nick, who is like a happy little puppy dog when they are around, complete with the random humping, of course agrees. Chris, Sean and I are like "don't say we didn't tell you." Mike doesn't care, as long as he can go out and dance. His roommate is too drunk at this point to know what's going on. So we leave. Thus ends the good part of the night.

We've got to split into three cabs, so we send the girls, Mike, and Sean in one cab. Now Sean doesn't like Nick, so he closes the car door kind of fast when Nick finishes he latest flirtation, and nearly shuts his hand in the door. Nick thinks he was trying to shut his hand in the door, and opens the door and hits Sean, not hard, in the side of the head. Sean opens the door and gets ready to jump out, but I saw this on the Real World once so I'm already in his way and holding him back with a stiff arm to his chest. The two boys yell at each other and then the cab goes on. By now, Chris Nate and Mike's rm have walked a long way away, and have no idea of what's going on. I shout down to them to take the next cab. Nick and I go in our own cab, and I let him know that if he wants to settle his argument, he'll have to do it some other time cause neither I nor the Mix guards will stand for him fighting in the club. He agrees. We arrive. I don't find Sean for about 30 minutes, but when I do he's alone. I sit down at the bar next to him and order a drink. Another 30 minutes pass when Nick walks past us. Something happens, and Sean decks Nick. I don't even have time to move when the guards have surrounded us and are taking both Sean and Nick outside. Nick thinks he's in the States or somewhere reasonable and keeps asking for a manager. Sean more wisely shuts up. I speak Chinese to the guards/thugs. They throw Sean out and let Nick back in.

We go in. An hour passes. I hear from the Aussie girls that Sean has snuck back in. I find him and make him promise with a handshake that if he sees Nick in the club he will go the other way. He disappears into the crowded dance floor. About 15 minutes later, I'm with Nick and I see Sean about five feet away; I stand inbetween them facing Sean and yell at him to go the other way. He laughs and refuses. Nick sees him and I've got to put a bear hug on him to keep him from attacking. Enter the guards again. This time they throw Sean out again, but Nick doesn't have to even leave. Sean sneaks in again. By sneak I mean he waits outside until the floor guards have gone away because the door guards don't remember him in the crowd. Nick is off talking to a friend when I see the guard drag him away. I run up and ask what the problem is. They just want to be rid of him, but then they also decide to throw me out for being his friend. I go to all of our group and tell them that the group should go. I tell the guard that us 8 people, plus all of my friends in China, are never coming to Mix again. He relents and says Nick and I can stay. Chris, Mike, Nate, and I all leave. Sean was long gone. Nick stayed because the Aussie girl stayed (one had long long ago left with allergy problems). Mike's rm stayed because we couldn't find him.

Crossing the street, we are almost hit by a black SUV. It looked like an escalade. It speeds off down the road. We walk, and when we are across the street from 4 large clubs we hear a repetitive thudding from in front of the club Cargo. I look over and see 20-25 guard/thugs with aluminum baseball bats beating the SUV that almost hit us. They bust all the windows except the windshield. The SUV takes off, but can't make the full U-turn to go south and runs up on the curb damaging his front right wheel. The guys with bats jump into cabs and shout at the drivers to follow. The guys in the SUV can't turn at the T at the end of the block and crash into a lightpole, bail out, and disappear. The guard/thugs surround the car, kick it a few times, yell at us to go away, and wait for the (useless) police to show up. We get a cab and go. So ends the crazy part of the night

After we go eat something, I get back to my room at 530. There is a car outside that alarms for 2.5 hours. I dream about hitting it with cinder blocks. Meanwhile, back at Mix, Nick has been forced to go to an ATM, withdraw 3000 Chinese dollars (about 350 US) and give it to the guard/thugs or they will take him to the police. They beat him up somewhat in the process. Mike's rm gets Lost in Beijing, takes some long cab rides, gets covered in mud, and somehow gets home. The last person to wake up is Chris, at 4pm Sunday. So ends the night in general.


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