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So I went to Las Vegas this past weekend.  Going home for thanksgiving was going to be about $600 round trip, so that wasn't happening.  Instead, I found some international students that didn't care two bits about thanksgiving, and we went off to Sin City, thinking that no one would be there, this being a "family/home oriented" holiday.

El Wrongo.

The place was teeming.....with families.

So dodging the screaming kids and the adults that carried them, we went about our weekend.  We stayed at the Planet Hollywood hotel, not a bad place; AMAZING bathrooms, best buffet on the Strip, but the casino didn't have my new favorite gambling game of all time, War.

Yes, War.  Just like in Vegas Vacation.  Only I made money, and a nice amount too, although not enough to cover the whole trip.  But besides spending a night at the Bellagio War table (I never did really sleep in my room), I saw Blue Man Group (really cool), Hoover Dam (except the Dam tour wasn't running because of the damn holiday), all the famous casinos and hotels (Caesar's Palace was my favorite, and I'm staying there next time) and, of course, consume mass quantities at the (used to be) cheap buffets.  But most of all, I played War.  Which brings me to my Story.

I started that evening at around 2AM.  I was at a full table, next to these girls from Maryland.  Everyone was having a relatively good time, it was like pulling teeth trying to win money, but that's expected in an even money game.  Over time, some people leave, but the girls are still there.  Suddenly, these Mexicans (from Sonora, they said so) invade the table from the 3-card poker table next door.  They bring loudness, cigars, and are totally rude to the girls and the dealer.  No one wants them there.  BUT, they bail out one of the girls several times when she runs out of money, so they sort of work their way into our good graces.  Eventually, they leave, having burned through about 800 dollars.  At this point, I've turned my 200 dollars into 205.  Oh yeah, big profits there.  Now it's about 4am, here come some middle eastern guys, and they are with us for the rest of the night in shifts.  Some of them go, then come back, then go then come back.  Turns out they are from Dubai.  One if them is amazingly drunk, he keeps trying to use chips from a different casino.  He also calls the dealer (a guy) "sweetheart" every time he wins a hand.  This guy burns through maybe 2000 over the course of his time at the table.  A brit shows up, and one other american.  The brit loses most of his money, makes some of it back, then loses all of it.  The american is scared off after maybe 30 minutes.   I'm going up and down between 300 and 100 from my original 200.  Then all hell breaks loose.  The head Dubai guy, he starts playing 1000 a hand on 4 hands.  I guess this confused the cards, because suddenly he was getting all the dramatic almost wins and almost losses, and I was getting the obvious stuff.  And I was winning.  But I was still being conservative, so that when he left with his 15000 (still down for the weekend about 5K, but it turned out he was a prince, and the son of the third richest guy in Dubai, and had suites in the Wynn and the Bellagio, and was flying out on a private jet), I only had got up to 500.  Now it's 745AM.  The dealer says to me, I ought to go, since I'm up so much.  I agree, but I want to play a little more, until 8.  In that 15 minutes, I get the rest of the way up to 700.  I give the guy a tip of 50, and I go to wake up my friends so we can eat breakfast.  6 hours of play, I made 450 dollars.  Not bad, eh?

The next afternoon, I lost 300 of it.

That's Vegas.


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