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So I went to see the fireworks with a friend of mine, first time hes ever been to Taste on the 3rd so I figure it'll be a good time with good food and explosions, what more could you ask for right?

Well, as it turns out, what used to be fireworks night has turned into Taste of Chicago Gang Night.  There were hundreds if not thousands of gang members, from many many gangs, and all of them were at full battle ready status.  Everything south of the Eli's/Robinson's intersection was just one stepped-on foot away from total mayhem.  My friend and I ran into two fights directly, saw four more from afar, and after talking to a high school friend that we met who's a Chicago cop now, decided that maybe cutting through Buckingham fountain was a baaaaaaaad idea. 

So after the fireworks (which were good, but not awesome like I hear Colorado fireworks are), we head to the subway, and run into what was shaping up to be a small war, with dozens of people on each side shouting and having already lined up in battle formation.  One cop shows up to disperse the two groups, but we book it at my urging anyway.  My friend is making light of the whole situation, quoting Boondocks left and right, just being the suburban guy he is.  Me, I grew up in the city, and went to public school for a while, so I was all about getting the hell of the there.

Turns out my instincts were right, unfortunately.... ten minutes later, that fight-that-wasn't turned into something more serious, and one person ended up being shot in the head and killed. 


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